Regular catch up appointment number 98246583104742

Today I had a regular catch up appointment with the professor. We mainly just recapped the side effects etc that the chemotherapy is currently causing me but it’s all as expected really, so we’re happy continuing with the treatment as planned. The rash caused by the Cetuximab is quite severe but he thinks it’s definitely still worth proceeding with full dosage, then in the meantime I’ve been prescribed some new creams to help deal with it. I’ve then got an EBUS procedure booked for this Monday morning that will confirm what’s in my chest wall and will have scans in about 2 weeks time to see if the chemotherapy is doing anything.

Good news is that my leg has actually been feeling surprisingly okay recently. This is probably due to a few factors: the lymphoedema has been much better controlled, I’ve maybe just got used to getting comfortable with it (e.g. positions when sleeping etc) and a few other potential reasons- hopefully though it’s also because the chemotherapy is working. My cancer is metastatic and has been pretty much resistant to all the chemotherapy I’ve had so far so we have to be realistic in what to expect (i.e. I think it’s more pragmatic to treat any positive marked response as a bonus, rather than rely on it as an expectation), but it would be lovely to find out that the treatment is having a effect (even if it’s just a temporary one) in shrinking/stabilising the tumours. I am optimistic; and it could be argued I’m due a bit of luck!!!!

Throughout the day I’ve physically felt very bright again and have got lots and lots done. After the appointment I went off to give a talk and tomorrow I will be giving another one all the way in Leeds- I also forgot to mention I gave one on Tuesday too! Soon I’ll be announcing some very exciting stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂