World Record Attempt unfortunately unsuccessful… But we still had fun trying

Guinness World Records have FINALLY got back to me regarding the World Record attempt we did last year… to recap we tried for the ‘Worlds Longest Continuous Group Drum Roll’ and a group of us kept it going for over 30 hours, smashing the current record, but after ”thoroughly” reviewing the application we’ve been told the evidence we sent off was not sufficient- boo hoo! They’ve listed some rules that were not adhered too (there’s a ridiculous amount you need to follow) but I think they’ve been very harsh in the decision. It’s such a shame for everyone involved, but the outcome is final and unfortunately there is no way we can contest it.

What it means is number 34 on my bucketlist still needs ticking off!! The list is no longer my main focus, but the record attempt was great fun to do and a good fundraiser. As a result I’m already working on TWO new events involving record attempts…. If all goes to plan I’ll soon be facilitating attempts for:
– the “Most amount of tandem skydivers in 24 hours” (which currently stands at 251 people)
– and the “Largest amount of people spooning” (I’m serious!! It’s currently 527 people in one room positioned one after each other)
Both should be great fun….I’ll keep you all updated and pass on further details when available!!