Hey everyone! First of all apologies from me for not updating this page much recently. I know I don’t really need to apologise, but your support is hugely appreciated, so I always feel like I should keep everyone updated as much as possible!

The lack of updates is mainly because being on chemotherapy is slowing me down quite a lot recently. The first couple of days after the main infusion I often feel tired and icky; the steroids/anti sickness/etc I’m on are great and keep me feeling okay enough to do things and function well- but it’s a wierd, almost artificial, feeling. I then slowly come off a lot of the drugs (so there’s a slight backlash and I feel a bit sicker again for a few days), and then slowly get to a point round about now where I start to feel ‘normal’ again.

Throughout the last couple of days I’ve still kept socially and mentally active though and now as I start to feel brighter I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I suppose one ‘advantage’ (if I’m being very kind!) of chemotherapy is that it’s cyclic and pretty predictable- for me this means I can still, because I want to, cram lots of work and fun projects into the better parts of the cycle. It’s hard work at times, but with the right motivation and time management it can be done, and I like a challenge.

Today I gave a talk at a local college and I have LOTS scheduled in for the week ahead. As mentioned before, I’ve been working behind the scenes on some very big projects…I can’t tell you what they are just yet, but I’ll be making some very exciting announcements about these towards the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled!! 🙂

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