Yesterday I ended up attending a workshop about ‘productivity’, run by a guy called Mike Pagan. A lot of the things discussed seemed like common sense, then for me a lot of the techniques discussed were just revision as I’m always striving to find new ways to get more done anyway, but it was still very thought provoking…

How much time do you spend watching the telly each week? How much time do you spend checking the same social media feeds over and over again? These are just a few examples, but there are numerous I could pick. If you really want to do these things then that’s absolutely fine, but my own view is that this time could be used more much more productively doing things that are much more fulfilling- e.g. Helping ourselves or helping others. Lots of people moan that they don’t have enough time to do certain things. In some cases they may be right, but in a lot of cases people just spend too much time ‘faffing’.

In the talks I give I always include a quote that describes an imaginary bank account… The account has £86,400 put into it each day, but at the end of the day that money disappears. If you had that account you’d take that money out each day, right??
This money is then compared to time. Each of us is given 86,400 seconds at the beginning of each day to do whatever we want with it and at the end of the day we aren’t getting that time back. Surely we should aim to take that time out each day and use it, right??

One of the biggest things my illness has taught me is the importance of making every second count. You are in control of your own life, but a lot of people get stuck in a routine that is wasteful. My own experience is that getting stuff done and achieving things is an awesome feeling that can make you feel so fulfilled and happy. It’s your time, do that you want with it, but here’s a gentle reminder to use it wisely 🙂

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