“Perspective is everything”…

Today I got the results back from the recent EBUS procedure I had… Unfortunately the results show that some of the glands in my chest are indeed cancerous. Obviously it’s a huge blow and, because the cancer is no longer locally contained (i.e. before it was all situated in or below my left pelvis), it does change the dynamics of the journey significantly. At this point I think it’s worth pointing out how fortunate I have been though- the doctors thought it would have showed up in a new place like this a long long time ago. It hasn’t, until now. Perspective is everything: although my disease is still progressing, I am fortunate I have had lots of time to enjoy and achieve all the things I have recently. At the moment I am still feeling healthy and am able to enjoy things, and I am optimistic this will continue for as long as possible 🙂

I then also had a CT scan today. The scan results will 1) show if my cancer has spread anywhere else and 2) be compared with previous scans to see if the chemotherapy treatment I am having is having any effect. I will be getting the results soon- fingers crossed!!

Until I get the results back I will be proceeding with the current chemotherapy regime as normal and will be starting my 4th cycle on Wednesday. It has been noted I’ve lost a bit of weight recently, so in the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on stuffing my face as much as I can!!!!

The stent I had fitted the other month has also been causing me a few problems recently, I am being referred to a urologist to sort this and I will more than likely have to go for another operation to get it refitted. Fun fun fun!

Despite all this I am as happy and positive as ever! Make sure you check back here in about 30 minutes time, where I will be announcing some good and very exciting news….