My Resignation from Research

I regret to announce that recently I have formally resigned from my involvement in research as a ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ member. Since June 2012 I sat on the National Cancer Research Institute’s Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Studies Group and was part of the Consumer Liaison Group. Both provided me with a very educational and enjoyable time, but the time is now right to move on.

Originally the role aligned nicely with my ambitions of going to medical school and becoming a doctor myself, but that goal changed as my own medical prognosis did, and then Stephen’s Story came along which has become a full time job in itself (one that I do enjoy, I must add!). I still have an interest in research, and my core aim of helping others (i.e. why I applied for the role in the first place) is still the same, but I feel the time could be used more efficiently concentrating on other tasks I have ahead.

This page and it’s influence is growing all the time and I want to utilise it for as much good as possible. The last couple of days I have been working flat out non-stop. The work is nothing exciting, just attending meetings and replying to lots of email mainly haha, but as a result of it there’s so many very exciting projects and events coming up so keep your eyes peeled…

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