Chemotherapy Cycle 4 – Week one

I’m about to finish today’s chemotherapy. This week is the icky week where I have both Irinotecan and Cetuximab infused into me. The Irinotecan is the real nasty one and it’s pretty impressive how I can go from feeling physically fine one second to BOOM rubbish the next. To a certain extent it’s like you can feel the chemo going in because the side effects are so acute. It’s hard to explain, but just like that it hits you!

Anyway, it’s all as expected and the same as normal. Then fortunately my message and feelings are the same as normal too: physically I feel icky but we just have to get on with that (each day I will gradually feel better, which is the main point to concentrate on), but mentally I am happy and thus winning the fight.

I’ve also had good fun looking at some of the photos from the “Silly Selfie for Stephen’s Story” idea I started earlier. If you haven’t done it have a quick read about it, then make sure you join in and remember to tag this page!! 🙂