Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story!!

So recently I’ve noticed various ‘Net-nominations’ being posted across Facebook etc. It started off with nek-nominations, I’ve then saw neigh-nominations for example, and then now there’s taking a no make up selfie for breast cancer awareness.

Anyway, currently I’m stuck in hospital having more chemotherapy, and while sitting here waiting for drugs to go through I’ve just had an idea….

“Silly selfie for Stephen’s Story”!!

It’s simple:
1) Upload a picture of you pulling a silly face
2) Tag this page (Stephen’s Story) and explain why you’re doing it in the description
3) Tag a few friends to do the same

Why do it you may ask?? Well. Number one, all the silly faces will brighten up everyone’s lives a bit and number two, it will be spreading invaluable awareness of this non-profit page which I can then use to continue to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust and spread as much positivity as possible from!

Below you will find my Silly Selfie for Stephen’s Story, I nominate…. EVERYONE who reads this status to post one- go go go!!!