More Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story!!

Yesterday, inspired by recent ‘net nominations’ and other ‘selfie’ awareness campaigns, I thought I’d launch “Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story”! The response was absolutely brilliant so thank you everyone, but as a result I thought we might as well keep it going for a bit longer!!

It’s simple:
1) Upload a selfie of you pulling your silliest face
2) Tag this page (Stephen’s Story) and explain why you’re doing it in the description. A couple of people said they had trouble tagging the page directly, so if you are just type/paste a link to: or instead. A lot of you took part on Twitter (@_stephensstory) and especially Instagram (@stephensstory) too- if you post pictures on these platforms remember to hashtag them with #stephensstory and #sillyselfie
3) Tag a few friends to do the same and spread the word about “Stephen’s Story”!

So, why do it?? Number one, it fills everyones news feeds up with humorous pictures to lighten people up a bit, which can only be a good thing! Then number two, it raises awareness of the non profit work I’m currently doing and my fundraising efforts for Teenage Cancer Trust!

When you do it feel free to donate £5 to my fundraising efforts for Teenage Cancer Trust by the way as well simply by texting STEPHEN to 70300. Also feel free to combine the silly selfies with any make up/no make up, sock selfie or any other awareness pictures you may already be planning to do!!

The below photo is not strictly a selfie, but I thought it was far too silly for me not to share with you all at some point!! Again I nominate everyone who reads this to do one if you haven’t already (or feel free to done another if you wish!). Over to you guys- let me see some more of those silly selfies!!!