My latest results

Today I got the results from my most recent CT scan, but again the results are unfortunately not great: the tumours have continued to grow in size. The main spot they are now looking at is how the cancer in my chest gland progresses, the growth ass not been incredibly huge, but it is enough to suggest the current chemotherapy I have been having is not working and therefore not worth continuing with.

The plan now is to try yet ANOTHER (i.e. a 5th) different chemotherapy regime. The professor has mentioned numerous different drugs (old and new) we could potentially try but at the moment he’s undecided at the moment as to exactly what ones to use. He is putting a few feelers out to some drug companies to see if particular drugs are being or can be licensed yet, then seeing different ways we could access other different drugs, he’s also asking the opinions of a few other researchers about there thoughts on what might be the best ones to try (e.g. he is already in discussions about a potential trial at the Royal Marsden I could benefit from) and he will look into research further himself to see if he’s missed any other possibilities. My cancer is incredibly unique and especially at this stage in the journey there is no standard practise to follow. Although previous chemotherapies have not worked the professor thinks there is still some efficacy in trying another- I trust his judgement and as a result am content continuing the fight my end by receiving whatever medical treatment he thinks could benefit me. He will update me with his updated thoughts soon, and after a joint decision we will decide the best way forward.

The CT scan also identified a small blood clot in my leg. To deal with this I have been prescribed blood thinners- this will involve injecting myself with a needle every day which is pretty inconvenient, but I’ll just have to get used to it I guess.

The good news is that I’m still pretty calm and composed about everything, despite this most recent news.

I can’t change my cancer, all I can change is how I react to it, so I’m just going to react in the best way possible and continue to smile and be happy despite all of the unthoughtful and inconvenient things it’s doing!! 🙂