is 1 week old!!

A week ago today I launched

Since releasing it the feedback I’ve had on it has been great and there’s been plenty of visitors on there! If you haven’t seen the site already make sure you have a quick look and feel free to share it with anyone else who you think may be interested in viewing it!!

I always try to limit the number advertisements on this page as the idea is that it is total non-profit, hence why I didn’t do this last week to detract from the original launch- but, on this occasion, I’d like to give a huge great big thank you and plug to David Alexander of Pixelloop for taking on this project and designing the site completely free of charge. The guy was a complete professional and although he said I didn’t have to, I’d like to give his company (visit if you want to find out more) a shout out as I honestly can’t recommend him highly enough!

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