Stephen’s Story – When life gives you cancer (Video)

Hi guys, it’s Stephen here again, and it feels so good to be able to put that. Currently I am feeling well and would describe my current situation as stable. Different people will put my recent physical improvement down to different reasons; I don’t want to over dramatise things too much, but I do just want to mention that everyone’s positive thoughts and support has been hugely appreciated, so thank you for that. The tumours in my body are still rife and dangerous, but I feel so lucky to just still be here, and in fact I feel completely privileged to be in this position where I can help make such a difference to others people lives.

The main thing I’ve always felt passionately about is helping others. My original goal was to raise £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, but now with everyone’s help the current fundraising total stands at over 2.3million pounds raised- and it’s still going up!! I’ve always been a firm believer that people are ‘good’, and to see people come together for the cause recently in the way they have is incredibly touching and heartwarming. Thank you from me, and also thank you from every young cancer patient in the future who will benefit invaluably from the money raised!

Alongside fundraising I’ve always tried to help people in lots of other ways too. For example, I once did an event involving young people giving out free high fives, fist bumps, hugs, ‘sup nods and handshakes to strangers in the street. Not a penny was raised, but it importantly challenged people to think differently about things and hopefully brightened up their days a bit. I always describe my cancer as a huge kick up the backside that taught me a lot of good: the importance of helping others, of making every second count, of making sure life is for LIVING, amongst other things.

Last month I teamed up with Make A Wish Foundation to make a short documentary about my life and the things I have been doing recently. My wish was to share my story and positivity with as many people as possible.

The film was scheduled to be released this Tuesday, but with the current momentum of things I feel now is a great time to share it with you all! There have been a few minor tweaks to help keep things current, but here it is- I hope you all enjoy it!!

The last few days have showed me truly how amazing people and the world can be. Feel free to help out once more by sharing the video link and sharing the positivity- thank you!!