Stephen’s Story started as a Facebook page on the 13th January 2013.The page was great and allowed Stephen to interact well with his audience, but the setup had its limitations- for example, it only provided a snapshot of what Stephen had done in the past few days, failing to get across the mass of achievements and things he has continually done since starting his journey. It was suggested that a website Stephen controlled himself could help him achieve a larger and longer lasting online presence, which he could then utilize to continue to inspire as many people as possible with his infectious positivity. As a result, a plan was put in place to develop this brand new funky website: on the 14th March 2014 www.stephensstory.co.uk was officially launched.

The aim of the website is the same as the original Facebook page, which fundamentally is also Stephen’s main goal- to reach and help as many people as possible. Stephen, working with David Alexander (pixelloop.org), has helped shape the content and layout of the site to make it as engaging and accessible as possible….

To capture the humongous scale of things Stephen has achieved (in just over one year), we have created a Timeline page that we thoroughly recommend checking out. The three main things Stephen has been doing are his Bucketlist, Fundraising and public Speaking; there are individual pages dedicated to each of these items. We also have a Media section consisting of links to articles Stephen has featured in; on top of that there are a picture Gallery, Video and Awards sections you can explore. There is also a Shop where charity products can be purchased. Finally, there is a Get Involved page where there are details of how YOU can support Stephen’s cause.

Stephen will still remain very active on social media, however, he will also be operating a Blog on this site. Stephen will update everyone with his journey as normal via the blog on this site and all updates he posts will automatically be transferred to his Facebook page (i.e. you can follow the Facebook page as normal and not miss anything). The blog will offer greater flexibility, for example offering extra images, videos or any other of that “good stuff”. In addition, over time the blog updates will form an easy to navigate archive that you can enjoy.
If you are completely new to “Stephen’s Story” we recommend you start off by reading the About Stephen (to find out what he has always been like as a person) and About Stephen’s Story page (which gives a brief overview of the things he has been doing, along with his aims for the future).

We hope you enjoy the site! 🙂

This website was built using WordPress by David at Mazepress. If you would like to start your own blog or website we have guides that can help.