How I am feeling today

In terms of an update of how I’m feeling today… pretty good actually! It’s the day after chemotherapy so I feel incredibly raw still, and simple things like eating and drinking become such a chore- but I’m coping as well as can do which is the main thing. The steroids do a great job of keeping me functioning well and not feeling sick, but along with them (well I’m actually on a total of 26+ tablets a day at the moment too haha) comes a kind of artificial feeling. For example, I can be physically shattered but the steroids won’t let me sleep and instead will keep me overly energetic! On the whole they’re brilliant though, and today I’ve had a very very productive day which always makes me feel personally feel lots better. Just got to take one day at a time and keep on keeping on… 🙂

More Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story!!

Yesterday, inspired by recent ‘net nominations’ and other ‘selfie’ awareness campaigns, I thought I’d launch “Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story”! The response was absolutely brilliant so thank you everyone, but as a result I thought we might as well keep it going for a bit longer!!

It’s simple:
1) Upload a selfie of you pulling your silliest face
2) Tag this page (Stephen’s Story) and explain why you’re doing it in the description. A couple of people said they had trouble tagging the page directly, so if you are just type/paste a link to: or instead. A lot of you took part on Twitter (@_stephensstory) and especially Instagram (@stephensstory) too- if you post pictures on these platforms remember to hashtag them with #stephensstory and #sillyselfie
3) Tag a few friends to do the same and spread the word about “Stephen’s Story”!

So, why do it?? Number one, it fills everyones news feeds up with humorous pictures to lighten people up a bit, which can only be a good thing! Then number two, it raises awareness of the non profit work I’m currently doing and my fundraising efforts for Teenage Cancer Trust!

When you do it feel free to donate £5 to my fundraising efforts for Teenage Cancer Trust by the way as well simply by texting STEPHEN to 70300. Also feel free to combine the silly selfies with any make up/no make up, sock selfie or any other awareness pictures you may already be planning to do!!

The below photo is not strictly a selfie, but I thought it was far too silly for me not to share with you all at some point!! Again I nominate everyone who reads this to do one if you haven’t already (or feel free to done another if you wish!). Over to you guys- let me see some more of those silly selfies!!!

Chemotherapy Cycle 4 – Week one

I’m about to finish today’s chemotherapy. This week is the icky week where I have both Irinotecan and Cetuximab infused into me. The Irinotecan is the real nasty one and it’s pretty impressive how I can go from feeling physically fine one second to BOOM rubbish the next. To a certain extent it’s like you can feel the chemo going in because the side effects are so acute. It’s hard to explain, but just like that it hits you!

Anyway, it’s all as expected and the same as normal. Then fortunately my message and feelings are the same as normal too: physically I feel icky but we just have to get on with that (each day I will gradually feel better, which is the main point to concentrate on), but mentally I am happy and thus winning the fight.

I’ve also had good fun looking at some of the photos from the “Silly Selfie for Stephen’s Story” idea I started earlier. If you haven’t done it have a quick read about it, then make sure you join in and remember to tag this page!! 🙂

Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story!!

So recently I’ve noticed various ‘Net-nominations’ being posted across Facebook etc. It started off with nek-nominations, I’ve then saw neigh-nominations for example, and then now there’s taking a no make up selfie for breast cancer awareness.

Anyway, currently I’m stuck in hospital having more chemotherapy, and while sitting here waiting for drugs to go through I’ve just had an idea….

“Silly selfie for Stephen’s Story”!!

It’s simple:
1) Upload a picture of you pulling a silly face
2) Tag this page (Stephen’s Story) and explain why you’re doing it in the description
3) Tag a few friends to do the same

Why do it you may ask?? Well. Number one, all the silly faces will brighten up everyone’s lives a bit and number two, it will be spreading invaluable awareness of this non-profit page which I can then use to continue to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust and spread as much positivity as possible from!

Below you will find my Silly Selfie for Stephen’s Story, I nominate…. EVERYONE who reads this status to post one- go go go!!!

eBook – Coming Soon!!!

Okay okay I’ll tell you about one of the projects now…

Soon I’ll be releasing an eBook! The motivational based eBook itself will be made freely available and is very short (so don’t expect a book of 100s of pages… yet). Importantly it will be putting “Stephen’s Story” out there into another platform where it can hopefully reach and help as many people as possible!! Who’s excited with me?? 🙂

My Resignation from Research

I regret to announce that recently I have formally resigned from my involvement in research as a ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ member. Since June 2012 I sat on the National Cancer Research Institute’s Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Studies Group and was part of the Consumer Liaison Group. Both provided me with a very educational and enjoyable time, but the time is now right to move on.

Originally the role aligned nicely with my ambitions of going to medical school and becoming a doctor myself, but that goal changed as my own medical prognosis did, and then Stephen’s Story came along which has become a full time job in itself (one that I do enjoy, I must add!). I still have an interest in research, and my core aim of helping others (i.e. why I applied for the role in the first place) is still the same, but I feel the time could be used more efficiently concentrating on other tasks I have ahead.

This page and it’s influence is growing all the time and I want to utilise it for as much good as possible. The last couple of days I have been working flat out non-stop. The work is nothing exciting, just attending meetings and replying to lots of email mainly haha, but as a result of it there’s so many very exciting projects and events coming up so keep your eyes peeled…

Timeline Page!

One of my favourite parts of the new website is definitely the ‘Timeline’ page- it documents my journey so far wonderfully well. If you haven’t already done so make sure you check it out here:

I had an absolute fantastic time looking back and collating all the dates and photos needed to make it. The amount of memories and the scale of things I’ve done in such a short amount of time since starting this page has just been unbelievable!

What’s been your favourite moment so far??

Halifax Giving Extra Award and Video

Earlier on in the year I won a Regional Halifax Giving Extra Award. I also automatically then got put to the national nominations but didn’t win that. As part of the process and regional award though this promotional video that will be shown throughout their stores was made….

The video is only short, but includes a range of footage and me giving a brief overview of all the things I’ve been doing recently. Feel free to watch and share it!

Also, just to keep you all updated, I will soon be recording a longer film with Make-A-Wish foundation about my life and story so far! The exact filming dates are now booked in for the end of the month, which I’m very excited about!!

Wheres the Wallys

This morning I had a very early get up to see this lovely group of people as they started a sponsored 40 mile (!) walk today. The team started at 7.26am and have until 1.00am tomorrow to complete the route which is based across Cannock Chase and surrounding areas, as part of this years annual Chase Walk. The group consist of 6 Scout Leaders and Helpers from 1st Hednesford Scouts, where a number of years ago I was actually a cub scout myself! Their team name is ‘Wheres the Wallys’ and throughout the walk they will be sporting these very fetching hats and glasses!!

Good luck to them all! The money they raise will be going to Teenage Cancer Trust- you can can support there efforts by visiting and donating to there online fundraising page here: is now LIVE!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you…

Yes that’s right, I now have my very own official website!!

The Facebook page has been brilliant (and will continue to function and include all the exact same updates in the same way, so you can still follow it as normal), but it was mentioned that having my very own website would help me achieve a longer lasting and more efficient online presence…

On the site there is all kind of content and things for you to enjoy- so make sure you check it out!!!

It’s taken a while to create, but I’m so excited to finally launch and show it to all of you! Let me know what you think of it and PLEASE share and show it to as many people as you can to help spread my messages and story as far as possible- thank you!!