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This category will consist of general updates from Stephen. It will include anything from medical updates, to anecdotes or stories, to motivational thoughts, to anything he has been up to recently or has planned, or to just whatever he feels like sharing with you guys at the time!! is 1 week old!!

A week ago today I launched Since releasing it the feedback I've had on it has been great and there's been plenty of visitors on there! If you haven't seen the site already make sure you have a quick look and feel free to share it with anyone else who you think may be [...]

My latest results

Today I got the results from my most recent CT scan, but again the results are unfortunately not great: the tumours have continued to grow in size. The main spot they are now looking at is how the cancer in my chest gland progresses, the growth ass not been incredibly huge, but it is enough [...]

International Day of Happiness!!

I've just found out that today is the "International Day of Happiness"- oooooh! So: 1) It's even more reason to join in with the "Silly Selfie for Stephen's Story" trend that I started yesterday and posted about again just! 2) Make sure you do something today/this evening that makes you happy! 3) Feel free to [...]

How I am feeling today

In terms of an update of how I'm feeling today... pretty good actually! It's the day after chemotherapy so I feel incredibly raw still, and simple things like eating and drinking become such a chore- but I'm coping as well as can do which is the main thing. The steroids do a great job of [...]

More Silly Selfies for Stephen’s Story!!

Yesterday, inspired by recent 'net nominations' and other 'selfie' awareness campaigns, I thought I'd launch "Silly Selfies for Stephen's Story"! The response was absolutely brilliant so thank you everyone, but as a result I thought we might as well keep it going for a bit longer!! It's simple: 1) Upload a selfie of you pulling [...]