Below you can see some of Stephens testimonials relating to his services as a speaker:

SJPWM white logo on 2767 backgroundI’ve seen Stephen present twice now. Once to an audience of 150 in a local hotel conference room and the second time to an audience of over 4,000 at the O2! (on my invitation).

He was Stephen at both. Inspirational, authentic and courageous and his message is incredibly powerful and relevant to us all.

I have no doubt whoever hears him speak will be moved and will never forget Stephen’s story. I feel privileged to know him.

-David Bellamy, CEO St. James’s Place

lichfield-fiaryIt was a privilege to meet Stephen and listen to his story. Aside from the extraordinary and inspirational courage, anyone fortunate enough to hear Stephen’s message is left with the overwhelming and uplifting sense that every moment of every life is precious. And that it is the moments lived with and for others that are the most rewarding of all. Stephen’s story is ultimately one of joyous celebration and about the taking of opportunities. I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to hear him and be in the presence of this remarkable man to take it.

– David Lister
Headteacher, The Friary School, Lichfield, Staffs.


A wise man once said, ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’. In my experience that has never been more the case than with Stephen Sutton. As a 15-year-old teenager diagnosed with cancer, Stephen had several treatments but was diagnosed as incurable. I find it amazing, as faced with this situation one could so easily (and understandably) become depressed, self focused and give up. But Stephen turned his adversity into opportunity and demonstrates his truly amazing resilience.

So many public speakers these days are ‘commercial’, but what Stephen brings is a truthful, honest, real life story and it is this that makes the impact and his message so credible. If you only ever listened to one public speaker in your lifetime, let it be Stephen, it will probably be the best address you’ll ever hear and change your life for the better forever.

– Karl Lehmann
Principal, Lehmann Financial Management & Moderator, BforB Lichfield

bforb_transp_bgIt’s not often these days having heard so many speakers in the last few years that I can really call someone “inspirational”. However having heard Stephen Sutton a few times in the last few months via BforB led events, this is a label you can give him without a pause of thought.  It’s not just the journey dealing with his cancer that inspires, it’s his matter-of-fact way that he deals with his situation, his good spirits, enthusiasm & graciousness plus his ability to relate his experience to his audience that makes this 19 year old an inspiration.  You owe it to yourself to hear Stephen speak before he is no longer with us & make sure you make every second count as he does.

– Stuart Walton
Managing Director, BforB UK

logo-bbc-tightcrop_for_web Without doubt, one of the best speakers I have heard in a very long time. Refreshingly honest, down to earth but so thought provoking, and makes me wonder what I’ve been doing up to now. It really was a kick up the backside!

– Jonathan Andrew
Baswich Business Consultancy

willenhall-christian-fellowshipStephen attended one of our Sunday morning services and gave us a presentation on his journey since the beginning of his illness and the many and varied activities that he has been involved in to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust. His talk was informative, challenging and extremely inspiring. He is a remarkable person who when faced with adversity has responded very positively. His proactivity in pursuing the aims he has set himself is incredible and it was a real privilege to meet him. As a church we continue to keep up to date with his demanding schedule and would have no hesitation to inviting him back to give us an update on his ongoing achievements.

– Alan Wood
Senior Leader, Willenhall Christian Fellowship

Cardinal Griffin LogoStephen was an absolute pleasure to listen too! His inspirational story has been a real eye opener to all pupils at Cardinal Griffin!

– Matthew Manion
Teacher at Cardinal Griffin

F2F 1Stephen’s visit to Friends2Friends had a major impact on our group. The members completely identified with Stephen’s message that nothing should stop you living your life to the full as they themselves try not to let their disabilities stop them. Stephen’s talk had the group talking for weeks afterwards, something that has never happened before and also inspired everyone to make their own wish lists. One of our members put on her list that she would like to have the confidence to sing on Britain’s got Talent or X factor, because of this she has just auditioned in the Lichfield’s Got Talent competition and is intending to carry on with her singing. Without Stephen’s talk, she would not have felt able to tell anybody her dreams let alone put them into practice so a great big THANK YOU Stephen for helping our group more than you could imagine

– Alison Wellon
Coordinator of F2F (a group, offering support, guidance and friendship to adults with learning disabilities)

F2F 2Meeting Stephen Sutton was one of the most eye-opening and inspirational things that I have ever had the good fortune of experiencing. Listening to him, you would never suspect there was anything tragic about his story at all, which is exactly what he was trying to convey to us. He made me really think about my life, what I was doing and where I was going in a very positive manner. For this, I thank him and wish him all the best in achieving so much more in the time he has left

– Matt Ford
F2F Volunteer

F2F 3The talk of what Stephen Sutton gave on what he has achieved since he was diagnosed with cancer has inspired me to get up and do activities that challenge my physical ability of being a disabled person. I was always worried of what people thought of me and always locked myself away to not hear the comments that people of me. I have made up an activities group within Friends2Friends and looking at Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Parachute Jumping, Bungee Jumping and all kinds of activities

– Mark White, Member of F2F.

pathways logo Stephen came along and gave a very inspirational talk to our group at Pathways Project, it was lovely to see such a positive young man who is helping raise a whopping amount of money for such a good cause. He is truly blessed in speaking and spreading his positive vibes. We were truly privileged and humbled at the same time to receive Stephens visit.

Stephens visit had such a positive effect on some of the women at the group. It has made us realize anything is possible if we try…

Thank you Stephen and keep up the good work

-The ladies of Pathways Project

TCT-In-aid-of-full-colour1Hearing Stephen Sutton speak was the best part of the weekend.

– A young cancer patient who attended Stephen’s talk at Teenage Cancer Trust’s 2014 Find Your Sense of Tumour Conference

TCT-In-aid-of-full-colour2Stephen’s talk was 10,000 out of 10.

– A young cancer patient who attended Stephen’s talk at Teenage Cancer Trust’s 2014 Find Your Sense of Tumour Conference

Coloured Brownie logo2nd Burntwood Brownies invited Stephen to one of our regular meetings in May 2013. The girls, all aged between 7 and 10, were so excited to have a celebrity come and visit them!! After he had given the girls a short talk about him, his situation and Teenage Cancer Trust, the girls managed to persuade Stephen to join them in playing some of their favourite games- turns out he is quite competitive!! Enthusiastically the group went on to raise £300 by having a sponsored silence and cake sale later on that term

-Penny Williams
Brown Owl of 2nd Burntwood Brownies

highclare school logo I have listened to many people speak in assemblies but I was truly inspired by Stephen Sutton’s story. Stephen visited our school last year to encourage us to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and at Highclare School we raised £3600.
I personally have never felt so humbled to meet someone who could speak so openly about the big c. Stephen however, was down to earth, strong, passionate and driven to help others. He was an inspirational speaker who spoke from the heart.

-Louise Morgan
Deputy Head of Highclare School, Woodfield

Gestampt TallentStephen carried out a short talk at my place of work Gestamp. From the moment he started talking till the end of his presentation I was so taken back by the way Stephen was dealing with his situation with so much positivity- it was truly remarkable. During the presentation I found myself looking around the room I could tell everyone in the room was feeling exactly the same hooked on Stephens every word.

I could not help but wonder how I would feel if I was put in Stephens situation would I have the ability to hit my illness head on? The strength ,courage, determination, positivity , confidence , sense of humour was truly inspirational during Stephens presentation.

Stephens message was very clear nobody knows what life has in store for them, and time was so very precious so make the most of every second don’t just sit back and watch the world go by.

It made me start and ask questions about my own life and how I was always far to busy to do anything not making any quality time for myself or my family- we go on holiday every year for two weeks in the summer, but that was about it, but what about the other fifty weeks in the year?

Stephens presentation effected me in many ways for the better, but making time and finding time to do things with my life has changed my life forever. Stephen had sort of reprogrammed my thought process and all of a sudden I had found time lots of time to do things for myself and more importantly with my family. I found myself feeling really good about life and had this new found confidence- it used to be like ‘what if?’, but now its more like ‘why not!’

During Stephens talk is was clear from the out set his motivation was fuelled by helping others. Yet again such an amazing quality, not forgetting Stephen is only a teenager; he is very wise beyond his years.

After the presentation I found that everybody was talking about Stephen Sutton, and how remarkable he was and how he had make a huge impression on them. I have gone on to call this the ‘Stephen Sutton effect’- you have to see this to believe it!

-Lee Woodward
Manufacturing manager at Gestampt Tallent

Alleynes logoWe first heard of Stephen’s Story via Facebook back in the summer of last year. We contacted Stephen and found him to be the most friendly, approachable and positive young man you could wish to meet. We asked if he would be willing to deliver a talk to a large group of Year 10 students, and he agreed. I admit to feeling a little apprehensive about the assembly, however, Stephen e mailed a copy of the powerpoint presentation he planned to use, and to our surprise it was incredibly positive and upbeat with a considerable amount of humor!

The students were silent as Stephen entered the school theatre, expecting to see a young man in a state of obvious ill health and there to deliver what could well have been a truly upsetting assembly for them. In total contrast, Stephen engaged with the students from the outset, had them in the palm of his hand, shared jokes with them, had them laughing…had them crying at times too, but this was down to Stephen’s unbelievable take on his illness and on life. It is some months since Stephen’s assembly and not a week goes by without a student asking after him; they all want to know how he is doing with his bucket list and his fundraising and awareness campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust.

We feel incredibly privileged to have had Stephen deliver what was a truly motivational, educational and inspirational talk to our students and staff. We would recommend that all schools and colleges invite Stephen or at least a representative from Teenage Cancer Trust to talk to their students. It really did make the members of Alleyne’s Academy appreciate all the wonderful things that they take for granted on a daily basis.

We all wish Stephen the very best for completing his bucket list and wish him to know that he will be forever in our thoughts here at Alleyne’s Academy.

-Alleyne’s Academy, Stone, Staffordshire

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