Stephen was Born

  1. Stephen starts Primary School. Throughout this time he was a normal, healthy and active child.

    Stephen in primary school

  2. Stephen starts Secondary School at Chase Terrace Technology College in Burntwood. He enjoyed school participating academically, musically and socially as much as he could. Throughout this time he was also a very active sportsperson; he competed at county level at cross-country and athletics (most notably setting his School’s All Time U14 400m Record at 55.8 seconds in June 2009), played football for numerous teams (including a period at Walsall’s FC Youth Team) and played numerous other sports regularly (cricket, basketball, rugby, amongst others).

    Stephen competing in an All England Interschool cross country competition3

  3. Stephen was first diagnosed with cancer. His original diagnosis was colorectal carcinoma (i.e. bowel cancer). His cancer has since relapsed and spread (i.e. it’s metastatic). Every year Stephen celebrates his ‘Cancerversary’.

  4. Stephen attends Teenage Cancer Trust annual ‘Find Your Sense of Tumour’ conference for the first time.

  5. Despite undergoing significant treatment throughout the year, Stephen achieve s 5A*s, 4A’s and 2 Distinctions in his exam results at the end of Year 11

    Stephen's exam success at the end of Year 11

  6. Stephen gets appointed role as Patient and Public Involvement member on the National Cancer Research Institute’s Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Studies Group and Consumer Liaison Group. He is committed to improving the lives of future patients by this involvement in research that he still currently engages with.

  7. Stephen’s band at the time (Nothing Personal) release an EP. Stephen was a drummer and over the years performed multiple gigs. He also spent time teaching drums as a part time job.


  8. Stephen gets his first taste of fundraising by completing a sponsored abseil down the Mailbox in Birmingham

  9. In his Year 12 school exam result Stephen obtains an A* in A-level Mathematics (sat a year early), A’s in AS Biology, Chemistry, Physics and an A in AS self-taught Psychology.

    Stephen's exam results at the end of Year 12

  10. Stephen has interviews at Cambridge University to study Medicine. In the following weeks he also underwent interviews at Leicester University and Leeds University. Before he heard back from the results of his interviews and had a final verdict on whether he had obtained a place to study Medicine, Stephen withdrew his whole UCAS application.

  11. Stephen’s disease was diagnosed as incurable by the doctors.

  12. 13th January 2013 – facebook.com/stephensstory was created.

  13. bucketlist

    Stephen’s Bucketlist was released and published online on facebook.com/stephensstory.

  14. Releases goal of raising “£10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust”

    Timeline photo1

  15. In just 3 days Stephen’s Story Facebook page reaches 1000 page likes


  16. Stephen gives his FIRST ever talk to students at his secondary school.

  17. Stephen pulls his best mates mum on a night out and snogs her winning a £10 bet in the process.

    Timeline photo2

  18. Ticks off “36) Meet Jimmy Carr”. Stephen met him at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital in the daytime and then went backstage at his show at Wolverhampton in the evening.

  19. Ticks off “18) Organize a gigantic game of musical chairs/pass the parcel/etc”. A giant game of pass the parcel took place at Stephen’s school Chase Terrace Technology College. The parcel has multiple layers and was touched by over 1,000 pupils.

  20. Stephen’s first prominent feature in a Newspaper: View Article

    Timeline photo3

  21. Microphone

    Stephen makes first radio appearance on BBC WM. Stephen has since appeared on this and other radio station multiple times

    Timeline photo 4

  22. Ticks off “20) Go to Wembley to see a football match”. Stephen went to see Brazil VS England as part of the Football Association’s 150th anniversary celebrations. England won the game 2-1. After the game he got to meet footballing legends Frank Lampard, Theo Walcott and Stephen Gerrard.


  23. Ticks off “14) Charity quizzes at local pubs”. A charity quiz is held at Stephen’s local pub,the Wych Elm in Burntwood. This was the first fundraising event he helped put on.

  24. Ticks off “43) Have my portrait drawn”. John Denaro was the first artist to draw Stephen.


  25. Ticks off “23) Get a tattoo”. Stephen humourously gets a ‘troll doll’ tattooed underneath his armpit, with his armpit hair innovatively doubling up as the troll doll’s hair.


  26. Ticks off “16) Host a charity ‘Come Dine With STE’ dinner party for friends”. The night was an enjoyable success.


  27. segway

    Ticks off “31) Ride a Segway”.

  28. Stephen visits a friend in Switzerland for a few days. While he’s there he attends her School’s prom wearing this fantastic suit…

    Me at prom in Switzerland

  29. £10,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.

  30. Stephen goes backstage at the Royal Albert Hall Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy night, getting to meet celebrities such as Russel Brand, Noel Fielding, Roger Daltrey and others!

  31. Ticks off “35) Go to CERN in Switzerland”. Stephen spent 3 days there and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  32. Stephen’s Story Facebook page reaches 5000 page likes


  33. £25,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust

  34. Ticks off 17) “Organize and be part of a flash mob”. Stephen organized a ‘Laugh mob’ that lasted 5 minutes in Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre.

  35. After putting “43) Have my portrait drawn” on his bucketlist Stephen receives a portrait of him drawn and delivered all the way from Thailand!


  36. paragliding-512

    Ticks off 2) “Sky dive for charity”. Stephen also got a group of 55 other to do it with him too, and enjoyed it so much himself he’s since done it again.

  37. Stephen attends an enjoyable residential weekend in Bradwell, provided by the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

  38. Attempts to tick off 34) “Get my name into the Guinness World Book of Records somehow”. Stephen organized a World Record Attempt for the ‘World’s longest continuous group drum roll’. Participants kept the drum roll going for over 30 hours, which has provisionally broken the record. However, Guinness Word Book of Records still need to confirm whether the evidence and documentation of the attempt of the attempt that was sent off is sufficient.


  39. Stephen is part of a charity tattoo day, featuring obtaining a temporary licence and tattooing people himself!!


  40. Ticks off 33) “Go see a darts competition”. Stephen goes to see Premier League darts at the NIA in Birmingham. While he’s there he also got to meet darts legend Phil Taylor.


  41. Ticks off 21) “Go to Twickenham to see a rugby match”. Stephen went to see the annual Army VS Navy Charity Rugby Match.

  42. Attends day on the set of BBC TV Series ‘Doctors’ to tick off 39) “Star as an extra in a film or music video”.


  43. Stephen goes backstage at a gig meeting Bring Me The Horizon and Crossfaith.

    Timeline photo 17

  44. Timeline photo 6

    After putting 43) “Have my portrait drawn” on his bucketlist met up with highly talented super-realistic pencil drawer Kelvin Okafor. Stephen became the subject for one of his drawings.

  45. Ticks off 8) “Organize a charity football match”. A whole football fun day took place at Chasetown FC- the games featured former players Stephen used to play with and also a West Brom All Star team.

  46. £50,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.

  47. Stephen makes his first National media appearance. He spoke live on BBC 5Live on the Richard Bacon show.

    Timeline photo 7

  48. Ticks off 13) “Persuade local schools to have a ‘get wiggy with it’ non uniform day”.

  49. Ticks off 15) “Organize a charity ball”. Although he couldn’t attend the ball on the night itself, Stephen worked with Norton and Stafford bathrooms to put on a very successful evening.

  50. Ticks off 24) “Drum in front of a huge crowd”. Stephen was part of the opening Ceremony of the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final (Bayern Munich VS Borussia Dortmund) and was one of approximately 400 volunteers who walked out onto the turf of Wembley and performed in front over 90,000 passionate football fans and approximate TV audience of 200 million.

  51. Ticks off 44) “Crowd surf in a rubber dingy at a gig”. Stephen did this at Slam Dunk Festival at Wolverhampton Civic Hall while Cancer Bats were playing.

  52. Falcon

    Ticks off 22) “Fly somewhere first class”. Stephen had a flying lesson and flew a plane himself, which he described as very first class!

  53. Ticks off 37) “Go to another music festival”. Stephen went to Download Festival, and then also went to several other music festivals throughout the year.

  54. Win’s ‘Inspire the house’ 2013 Most Inspirational Young Person award, as voted for by MP’s in the House of Commons.

    Stephen collecting Kids Count Most Inspirational Young Person 2013 Award

  55. Stephen attends his School’s Sixth Form Prom, styling this very flamboyant shirt!


  56. Stephen get’s a face cast made.

    Timeline photo8

  57. £75,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust

  58. Ticks off 28) “Go on a ‘lads holiday'”. Stephen went to Ibiza for a week with 4 friends.

  59. Timeline photo9

    Ticks off 25) “Do some public speaking in front of a huge crowd of people”. Stephen actually ended up doing LOTS of public speaking throughout the year; on this occasion he gave a speech at Downing Street.

  60. Stephen’s Story wristbands are released! Which you can buy here.


  61. topgear

    Stephen attends Top Gear being recorded live.

  62. Ticks off 12) “Go busking!”. Stephen went busking in Bolton City Centre with the percussion duo ‘Bang on!’.

  63. mclaren_logo_color1

    Stephen gets a tour of McLarens Innovation Centre.

  64. Goes on family holiday to Florida.

    Timeline photo 10

  65. Ticks off 39) “Star as an extra in a film or music video”. Stephen appeared for a couple of microseconds in the background of a scene in a BBC TV Episode of ‘Doctors’.

  66. tractor

    Stephen drives a tractor.

    Timeline photo 11

  67. Stephen visits the House of Common as a member in the audience of MacMillan’s parliamentary Question Time.

    Timeline photo 12

  68. Stephen’s school, Chase Terrace Technology College, announces the creation of the “Stephen Sutton Award for Inspiring Others”. Each year the prestigious award will be given to a student who has positively influenced those around them.

  69. A lovely article featuring Stephen, recapping on his achievements since the beginning of the year: See Here.

  70. Stephen spends time backstage meeting the band Tonight Alive at their gig at the Institute in Birmingham. After the gig he ended up doing shots with them on their tour bus.

    Timeline photo 13

  71. #stephensstory trends on Twitter.

    Timeline photo 14

  72. Stephen’s Story Facebook page reaches 10000 page likes.


  73. Stephen attends a ‘Pilot For a Day’ scheme at RAF Lakenhurst.

    Timeline photo 15

  74. After being in the audience in previous years, Stephen addresses an audience of young cancer patients at the “Find Your Sense of Tumour” Conference.

  75. One of the things Stephen unfortunately didn’t do and missed was the opportunity of going to university. To make up for this, Stephen crashed at his friend’s university up and down the country. To get a taste of university lifestyle, he managed 7 days of relentless drinking and partying which he enjoyed thoroughly.

    Timeline photo 16

  76. £120,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.

  77. Stephen watches and meets the band Bring Me The Horizon again.


  78. Working with an organisation called Fixers, Stephen runs a ‘Good Gesture Event’ consisting of young people taking to the streets of Birmingham and giving out free high fives, handshakes, ‘sup nods, hugs and fist bumps.

  79. Wins ‘Young Community Hero’ award at Birmingham Mail Local hero awards.


  80. Stephen watches Bullet For my Valentine, Young Guns and Asking Alexandria play at the NEC in Birmingham, and afterwards goes backstage

    Timeline photo 20

  81. Stephen watches and meets the rock band Don Broco

  82. Stephen features on ITV Central news talking about the recent ‘Good Gesture Event’ he organised.

  83. At his School’s presentation evening Stephen is presented with the Neil Deville award for demonstrating ‘combined academic excellence with ambition and a fierce determination to succeed’.

    Timeline photo 21

  84. £160,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.

  85. Announced as Regional Halifax Giving Extra award winner.

    Timeline photo 22

  86. Stephen features on Teenage Cancer Trust’s website and monthly newsletter.

  87. Stephen gives a speech to 4,000 people at the O2 Arena in London at a companies annual conference meeting.

  88. £550,000 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust

    Timeline photo 23

  89. elephant

    Ticks off 30) “Hug an animal that is bigger than me”. Stephen ended up hugging a three and a half tonne elephant at West Midlands Safari Park.

  90. Stephen appears live on BBC Midlands Today.

  91. UEFA, one of the largest organisations in the World, release a behind the scenes video to do with the Champions League Final video. Stephen is the main protagonist in this video.

  92. Chosen as vInspired National Awards Finalist in the category ‘All round commitment to volunteering”.

  93. Stephen received an award for ‘Young Citizen of the Year 2014’ from Burntwood Town Council! Here I am being presented the award by chairman of the Council, Ron Bradbury!


  94. Stephen launched his very own website

    On the site there is all kind of content and things for you to enjoy- so make sure you check it out!!!

    It’s taken a while to create, but I’m so excited to finally launch and show it to all of you! Let me know what you think of it and PLEASE share and show it to as many people as you can to help spread my messages and story as far as possible- thank you!!


  95. Stephen attended Teenage Cancer Trust’s comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall!

    Every year the charity run a week of high profile gigs at the venue that are open to the general public. I was also part of a group of young cancer patients who got to attend a workshop in the day, get a tour of the venue and go backstage to meet all the celebs!!

    This year the acts for the comedy night were Rob Beckett, Patrick Kielty, Hal Cruttendan, John Bishop, Jason Manford and Micky Flanagan! All of them were absolutely fantastic on and off the stage. Pictured is me and Jason!!

    After the interval the group of young people also got to go on the stage itself which was such a cool experience.

  96. Just won vInspired’s National ‘All Round Commitment to Volunteering’ award!!!

    Such a great night to be part and to have won is a brilliant feeling!

    Oh, and here’s me being presented the award by Pixie Lott!!!


  97. Today I’ve spent the day recording a short documentary with Make A Wish foundation!!

    My wish is to share my story and positivity with as many people as possible, and the film will document my life and achievements to date- I’m very excited about it all! We’ve got another full day of filming tomorrow then I will hopefully be sharing a finished video with you all very soon!!


  98. Stephen decided it’s time to set a new fundraising target… The current total stood at just over £572k raised in slightly over a year. “So combined with my optimism and enthusiasm, I’ve decided to set sights on now raising ONE MILLION- yes, one million- pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust!!”


  99. I’m delighted to announce that an eBook outlining my journey so far, along with my general perspective on life, is now available!!

    You can download it by visiting this link HERE: http://www.magicfuture.com/stephensstory/

    Stephen teamed up with a company called Magicfuture to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible.

    The book aims to change peoples lives for the better: please download it and share it with as many people as possible!


  100. Stephen took a well deserved break and went quad biking!!!

    Stephen went with a group of my ‘cancer friends’ (who I’ve met through Teenage Cancer Trust and the hospital) and we all had a brilliant time! Huge thank you to Team Action ltd for providing such an enjoyable experience.


  101. Stephens best friend Chris Bullock ran the London Marathon. Stephen used to be a keen runner and between periods of remission mentioned the goal of running for Teenage Cancer Trust himself; unfortunately the progression of his illness has meant I haven’t had that opportunity. One of Chris’ reasons for running it was because he couldn’t- he wanted to do it for Stephen.

    “I’m incredibly proud of him and glad I can call someone like him my best friend!”

    To support and reward his efforts you can donate to his fundraising total here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisBullock1.


  102. Stephen met Deaf Havana! After the gig he and his friends also got to go backstage and meet the band and had a good laugh. “All in all it was a very fun night!”


  103. On the 21st of April Stephen updated his Facebook wall with the following message…

    Yesterday evening I got very short of breath and had to go hospital via an ambulance. This morning I woke up with chest pains and was struggling to breathe.

    Currently I am in a very vulnerable position and do not know what will happen next. My right lung has collapsed and I am very weak (I’m finding it hard to type this message)

    I will fight as hard as I can, but if the worst happens I just want to say thank you all for sharing the journey with me- it’s been wonderful.

    This has all happened so suddenly, but I’ve been lucky to get so far. Cancer sucks, but life has been brilliant.

  104. A day later he posted a farewell to his adoring fans on Facebook…

    It’s a final thumbs up from me! I’ve done well to blag things as well as I have up till now, but unfortunately I think this is just one hurdle too far.

    It’s a shame the end has come so suddenly- there’s so many people I haven’t got round to properly thank or say goodbye too. Apologies for that.

    There was also so many exciting projects and things I didn’t get to see out. Hopefully some will continue and if you want to carry on the fundraising please do.


  105. After Stephens farewell people began to engage and share more and more and thanks to the response of Jason Manford whom Stephen had met previously the whole story went viral and then more viral. Jason shared out the story and in no time at all #stephensstory was everywhere and the fund raising went through the roof! Hitting every news channel and news paper over the next few days and a barrage of celebrity selfies to further push the cause.

  106. Just some of the selfies posted online #thumbsupforstephen.

  107. Stephen has now doubled the target of £1 million set by himself just a week before.

  108. A few days later and Stephen had built up the strength to update everyone again…

    Hi everyone, it’s Stephen here- still here and still fighting!!! Throughout the whole journey I’ve been realistic about my position and at my last post I genuinely thought I was a goner…. But hey, I’m still here!!

    He also released his documentary recorded with Make a Wish Foundation.

    Last month I teamed up with Make A Wish Foundation to make a short documentary about my life and the things I have been doing recently. My wish was to share my story and positivity with as many people as possible.

    The film was scheduled to be released this Tuesday, but with the current momentum of things I feel now is a great time to share it with you all! There have been a few minor tweaks to help keep things current, but here it is- I hope you all enjoy it!!

  109. Stephens fundraising hits the 2.5 Million Mark! Two and a half times the not too distantly renewed target of £1 million.

  110. Today I’m feeling good and am continuing to recover well: I am starting to consume fluid and food independently, have managed to get out of bed and sit up in a chair, and am now relying on less oxygen as my left one is slowly adapting/compensating with becoming slightly lonely! These are all things that at the beginning of the week I never thought I’d be doing.

    Just so people have a bit of context…. At one point I was told by a doctor that there was a good chance I was going to stop breathing soon and, after discussing why if this did happen putting me on high dependancy care would not be suitable in my situation, my options would be severely limited. I could share more details and quotes, probably even sell my own ‘miracle’ story, but as mentioned before I’m not here to over sensationalise that part. The medical team around me did everything they could and my body just managed to cope with the trauma it was put under. I’m by no means out of the woods fully yet but I have been handed a life line and, although it may only be temporary, I am so lucky to have it.

    With the extra life I’ve been given I’ve got the chance to meet all you lovely people and together we’ve raised over £2.6million for Teenage Cancer Trust. I’ve been informed the figure has broken all previous records on Justgiving, which is just astounding. I am so grateful for everyone who has got involved and helped make this happen, the money raised will make a huge difference- thank you!!

  111. Fundraising total…


  112. Jason Manford is holding a comedy gig in Birmingham in aid of Stephens Story and Teenage Cancer Trust.

  113. Stephen-Sutton-MAIN

    Stephen had a visit from the prime minister David Cameron

    Mr Cameron said: “He’s amazing, just an inspiration. Anyone who watches that video on YouTube just can’t help but be impressed by his bravery and courage but also his incredible warmth and passion for life. It really is extraordinary.”

  114. Miraculously Stephen was discharged from hospital after having an operation to clear his airways and remove some of the tumorous tissues.

  115. stephen-story-guiness-world-record

    Stephen together with 553 others broke the Guinness World Record for the most people making a heart shaped gesture with their hands at the same time. The event was held at Chase Terrace Technology College in Burntwood where Stephen attended school and 6th form and as a result managed to tick off another item on the bucket list!

  116. Stephen took part in National Good Gesture Day in Birmingham an event taking place in ten cities where people give away free hugs, fist bumps, high fives and the like!


  117. Stephen was readmitted to hospital after having breathing difficulties the night before.

  118. On the 14th of May 2014 at the age of 19 years, 4 months and 29 days (7089 days) Stephen passed away peacefully in his sleep after being taken back into hospital a few days prior experiencing heavy breathing. What he achieved in this time is remarkable, the people he has inspired and the money he has raised to help others will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.


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