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Stephen Sutton has been battling cancer since the age of 15. On January 13th 2013, shortly after finding out his disease was incurable, Stephen made a Facebook page called “Stephen’s Story”. On the page he outlined a bucketlist of 46 things he wanted to achieve in the near future. Since creating the page Stephen’s following has grown exponentially and he has inspired thousands of others with his positivity and passion for life. He has achieved more than most would in a lifetime; resulting in him winning countless awards in recognition of his inspirational work, taking part in a Guinness world record, and most notably he has raised over £3 million for charity in just over a year. This is not a sob story, this is Stephen’s Story!

Stephen Sutton – 16/12/1994 – 14/05/2014

Rest In Peace

What People Have Said About Me…

Stephen is one of the most inspirational teenagers I have ever met and I encourage you to find out more about his story.

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Raised So Far…

£4, 394,996

Facebook Fans1,358,302

Twitter Followers219,179

The Story So Far…

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My Mission & Aims

Stephen is currently working on lots of different aims and projects. You can find out about the three main things he has been doing by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

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