Bucketlist: “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

Included on the original Facebook page Stephen made was a bucketlist of 46 things he’d like to achieve in the near future. Since then he has ticked a large number of these items off the list. The tasks ranged from learning to juggle, to meeting the comedian Jimmy Carr, to going on a ‘Lads Holidays’, to crowd surfing in a rubber dinghy at a gig, to much more! It’s a mix of the weird and wonderful that provided Stephen with a focus to help come to terms with his incurable diagnosis.

Originally the bucketlist was one of Stephen’s main undertakings, but recently it has become less of a priority. His reason being is that he describes himself as quite happy whether he ticks another thing off it or not and, especially because his reach and influence has grown so much, he wants to mainly concentrate on helping others. For this reason he has never considered adding to the bucketlist, and the only thing he has ever changed on it was the fundraising target.

The Bucketlist!

The Bucketlist!

You can view the original bucketlist and progress here

A gallery of images related to items Stephen has ticked off his bucketlist can be viewed here